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Modifikasi Mobil jeep

Grup Garansindo memang sengaja mengundang dua media nasional, salah satunya KompasOtomotif untuk meliput ajang peluncuran global perdana, Modifikasi Mobil Jeep Compass di Los Angeles Auto Show 2016. Tetapi ternyata undangan ekslusif ini bukan cuma meliput pameran, tetapi mobil modifikasi Jeep Wrangler Rubicon berpenggerak 6x6 karya rumah modifikasi Wild Boar Off Road asal Huntington Beach, Los Angeles, California.

Saat pertama kali melihat sosok monster berkelir permen hijau ini, kami terpukau. Apalagi ketika mesin dinyalakan, raungan mesin HEMI 6.4 liter supercharge yang sudah di-remapping ulang berpadu dengan transmisi manual 6-percepatan dengan sentuhan upgrade dari Wild Boar, mampu menyita perhatian hampir seluruh orang yang ada di sekitar mobil ini. Faktanya, tanpa modifikasi tambahan, mesin ini mampu menghantarkan tenaga sampai 500 tk.

Jumat, 17 April 2015

Nissan Teana Review – A Luxury Car With From Japanese Technology

Talking about Nissan cars, there isn‘t any much better selection compared to selecting Nissan Teana. This particular is among the very greatest designs released through Nissan, the Japanese car maker. It is available towards the Indian road along with a few cool attributes equipped. Actually, the actual design utilizes imported Japanese technologies. A few attributes embrace spacious picket interiors that include leather upholstery. The actual interior component is actually spacious sufficient because it can maintain actually the large fat Indian households. The actual engine is likewise impressive because it is available equipped having a swish shifting XTRONIC CVT, which may be managed using the bit from the finger.

Once we possess described previously, the actual engine associated with Nissan Teana is very impressive, this will get the energy given by a two. 5 liter V6 engine which could deliver energy around 185 bhp. This provides nice comfort and ease and likewise comes filled with many handy attributes to the consumers withinside India. The actual sedan will come in 2 variants, exactly in which consumers can select the actual XL as well as XV. A few handy attributes which may be discovered during this design really certainly can be a generate pc, the actual smart key method, the premium CD changer.

Nissan Teana Systems, Improvements As well as Engine Specifications

Must you purchase this particular 1? Nicely, the actual solution can depend upon numerous elements. In case you reside in India and wish to obtain a luxurious sedan which has many great attributes after that this particular 1 could be a very good selection for you personally. Created through Nissan, there isn‘t any doubt the car offers a few cool attributes which may be discovered withinside some other luxurious cars. In case you adore the sedan which provides the swish traveling expertise and wish to appreciate a few entertainment attributes whilst traveling, this particular car is likewise a very good selection for you personally. General, Nissan Teana is definitely that may be added upon the checklisting if you‘re shopping for a brand new car.

Selasa, 18 November 2014

New BMW 6 Series 2015

The actual initial BMW 6 Series had been launched inside the 12 months 1976, driven by At thelizabeth 12 as well as At thelizabeth 28 5Series of the time. Ever since that day BMW is manufacturing the actual 6 Series like a two-door convertible as well as two-door coupé. If a person will get the opportunity to end up being at the rear of the actual wheels associated with the newest BMW 6 series as well as bring it via the paces, he or sthis individual will find away that it two-door, four-seater car, costing a lot of when compared to a crore associated with Indian cash. Sign up for all of us all once we discover the actual BMW 650i. The actual mileage provided by BMW 6 series 650i convertible is actually 9. 5 kmpl.

New BMW 6 Series 2015

The actual mileage as well as fuel economy offers eliminated for any toss during this car. Thus like the case along with BMW 6 Series 650i coupe which operates on a single engine like the convertible we. at thelizabeth. the 4. 4 litre petrol engine. However the super luxurious car buyer barely notices mileage in her selection of car. But another coupe trim that‘s the BMW 6 Series 640d coupe provides 18. 5 kmpl associated with mileage. The actual BMW 650i Convertible becoming bought from India is actually powered using a imply as well as monstrous 4. 4 liter eight-cylinder twin turbo petrol engine mated for an eight-speed sports activities step-tronic auto-gearbox. Currently this particular positive is really a large engine withinside capability generating 407 hp in among 5500 as well as 6400 rpm. This particular large engine belts away the imply 600 Nm associated with uncooked torque in among 1750 as well as 4500 rpm.

Sabtu, 11 Oktober 2014

Comparing New Cars: Skoda Citigo And Hyundai I 10

Compare new cars is really a method of getting the actual priceless and also a fits car in order to be able for you to help strike an open road. You won‘t ever end up being unhappy in case you choose the actual car through comparing all of these driven by high top good excellent associated with security as well as the actual interior phrase and also the exterior phrase.

They‘re Hyundai i10 hatchback, £8, 595 -: £11, 465 as well as Skoda Citigo Hatchback, £8, 210 in order to be able for you to help £10, 940. The actual unique evaluation is that the i10. It‘s the brand fresh vehicle produced in order to be able for you to help refix the matter inside the town. This particular car offers an excellent associated with maneuver, fast-speed, as well as narrow form in order to be able for you to help park.

Compare brand fresh cars like the town car, it doesn‘t imply which it‘s a bad high top good excellent associated with engine. The actual maneuver could be maximal since the Hyundai offers 2 engine associated with petrol Albeit they simply give 1. 0 liter, It‘ll generate in to 108g or km. Some other benefits getting the actual i10 will be the manufacture can assure the actual recovery when traveling 30. 000 kilometers aside ; It‘s utilized withinside 3 years.

Particularly to begin with associated with ten. 000 kilometers, these people offer you the actual coated policy with regard to breakdown. Additionally, this particular tiny vehicle offers 5 doorways, 2 fronts, 2 at the rear of, and also the biggest back again 1. It‘s the very initial product withinside comparing the actual brand fresh cars for the purchasing checklisting. Selecting a good perfect car is that the Skoda citigo. It‘s totally different method to deal with their own passengers. This particular vehicle is actually supported through the level of boot is really a 251 liters. After that, you are able to use additional liter through folding the actual seats associated with rear about 951.

Selecting in among these cars tend to be fits to get a lengthy journey to the Skoda though it may be tiny. To the interior, they create the improvement compared to the i10 ; these people possess the combination method using the monitor show, the actual Bluetooth, a few multimedia methods such as music. To the security, these people utilize the internal system associated with airbag referred to as the mind thorax. It‘s functioned in order to be able for you to help use passengers mind once it is chorusing in to some thing exhausting. Uniquely, the actual airbag product is utilized in order to be able for you to help just about almost most seats. That‘s just about almost most you are able to do in order to be able for you to help compare brand fresh cars.

Description : Compare brand fresh cars is really a method of getting the actual cheapest price however getting the actual razorsharpened choice to obtain the high top good excellent from the car maximally type the actual appearances and also the performance